Valley Pack has 10 Freezer rooms, capable of temperatures down to as low as -30oC. The freezer capacity is 14,000m3, and our modern remotely operated plant has a capacity of 200kWR at, -30oC.  Our Freezer rooms are specifically designed for low temperature use, with large cross section panel, ventilated floors, heated doors, to ensure structural stability and thermal efficiency.

 There are 32 Chiller rooms at Valley Pack, providing a total of over 45,000m3 of controlled atmosphere storage. Our Chiller Plant is state of the art offering a capacity of 1175kWR of refrigeration at Standard Conditions. This allows us to rapidly cool up to 750 tonnes of hot product every 24 hours, greatly improving shelf live, and longevity in storage. Both the refrigeration and Controlled Atmosphere plants are remotely monitored and controlled.

Valley Pack is also Australia’s first facility to have Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere storage allowing apples and pears to be stored without the use of DPA dip, which unlike Australia is prohibited from use in the EU, Canada, and the USA.

Valley Pack’s cool rooms are also fitted with a humidification system, preventing moisture loss in product stored for long periods before it is sent for packing and distribution.

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